For our company, quality is a fundamental choice: 

A value built over time, with commitment and dedication. Each production cycle phase undergoes strict quality controls, destructive and non-destructive testing and chemical analyses at our internal quality control lab, to ensure our customers to receive certified tube product.





ISO 9001:2015


IATF 16949:2016

Production cycle Quality Control 
Raw material incoming inspectionChemical composition, metallographic structure, surface quality, geometric dimensioning
CuttingCutting length and surface
PiercingInner and outer surface, geometric dimensioning
Pickling, Phosphate-saponificationWeight, inner and outer surface,  solution assay
Cold drawing/ Cold rollingIncoming quality, inner and outer surface, geometric dimensioning
Heat treatmentMechanical properties
Non-destructive inspectionInner and outer surface
Skiving & BurnishingInner diameter roughness
Finished product inspectionInner and outer surface, geometric dimensioning, mechanical properties, metallographic structure
Ex factory InspectionPacking, marking, specification, weight, label

Testing and Inspection Items

Chemical composition

Inner and outer surface quality

Inner and Outer diameter

Concentricity / Wall thickness variation


Mechanical properties

Flattening test

Drift expanding test

Surface roughness

Metallographic structure

Non-destructive testing

Other tests as per customer request