VAT all 16% to 13%, steel rebate rate unchanged

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Many people think they won't be able to issue red and blue invoices of 16% or 10% after April 1st. This is definitely not the case.

Specific changes in VAT and tax rebates:

1. Where the general taxpayer of value-added tax (hereinafter referred to as the taxpayer) conducts taxable sales of value-added tax or imports goods, the original tax rate of 16% shall be adjusted to 13%; The original 10% tax rate shall be adjusted to 9%.

2. For export goods and services whose export tax rate was 16% and whose export tax rebate rate was 16%, the export tax rebate rate shall be adjusted to 13%; The export tax rebate rate shall be adjusted to 9% for export goods and cross-border taxable activities where the original 10% tax rate is applicable and the export tax rebate rate is 10%.

3. For the VAT taxable sales behaviors of general taxpayers who have not issued the VAT invoice before the adjustment of the VAT rate, and need to make up the VAT invoice, the VAT invoice shall be made up in accordance with the original applicable tax rate.

The uninvoiced income was declared as 16% and 10% before April 1, and the supplementary invoice should also be issued as 16% and 10% after April 1.

The state announced it

Four industry input plus 10% deduction real estate input can be one-time deduction!

A state council executive meeting chaired by the premier on March 20 decided on the following nine measures to cut the value-added tax rate from 16 percent to 13 percent in sectors such as manufacturing and 10 percent to 9 percent in sectors such as transportation and construction from April 1.

1. Further expand the scope of input tax deduction to include passenger transport services.

2. Change the deduction of input tax paid by taxpayers on immovable property from two years to one lump sum deduction, and increase the amount of input tax that taxpayers can deduct in the current period.

3. For taxpayers whose main businesses are postal, telecommunications, modern services and livelihood services, 10% of the input tax shall be deducted from the tax payable. The implementation period of the policy is tentatively scheduled to end in 2021.

The tax credit retained by the taxpayer after the implementation of the policy shall be refunded in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Adjust the export tax rebate rate of some goods and services.

Adjust the deduction rate applicable to the purchase of agricultural products accordingly.

7. Extend the preferential tax policies for public rental housing, construction and operation of rural drinking water safety projects, and domestic anti-hiv drugs that expire in 2018.

8. Starting from the end of 2022 of January 1 this year, donations for poverty alleviation used by enterprises in key counties for national poverty alleviation and development, counties in contiguous poverty-stricken areas, and poor villages for file establishment and registration shall be deducted from the taxable income as required; Donations of eligible goods for poverty alleviation shall be exempted from VAT.

9. From January 1, 2019 to the end of 2021, corporate income tax shall be levied on third-party enterprises engaged in pollution prevention and control at a reduced rate of 15%.

So far, from April 1, all sales

The tax rate was adjusted to 13% and 9% respectively.

It's a done deal